Day 5, 4 May 2012

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This morning some working groups had meetings with the workshop presenters, and the rest of us worked further on our PhD proposals or policy briefs.  Prof Lavis then closed the workshop with a summary presentation.  There is a one-pager that summarises the workshop effectively and concisely.  It can be found on  You have to register before you can get to this document, but registration is free and quick (and this database is a very good source to search for systematic reviews, so you anyway have to register!).  After logging in, look under “Tools” and click on “Finding and Using Research Evidence”.  This PDF document takes you through the process of:

(1) Clarifying a problem (that needs addressing in a policy, but it can also help to
clarify problems for other purposes than policies),

(2) Framing and evaluating different options to address the defined problem,

(3) Considerations of implementation.

This document also contains the main sources where one should search for evidence (primarily systematic reviews of clinical effects, public health programmes, implementation strategies and economic evaluations; but also policy briefs/evidence summaries).


We’re off to lunch now where after we’re going on a real African outing to see Cameroon’s gorillas!  Tonight I am catching the plane back to South Africa.  I would like to thank the organisers and presenters for all their hard work and friendliness – the workshop was most definitely a capacity building event in the field of knowledge translation and specifically related to policy –making.  It was a privilege to could have learnt from Prof Lavis – an international expert in the field of knowledge translation all the way from Canada – as well as from Dr Ongolo-Zogo and Prof Sewankambo who have lots of experience in writing policy briefs in Africa.  And then last, but certainly not least, I would like to thank all of you who learned with me by following my blog!


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