2 minutes with your country’s President

In Uncategorized on May 2, 2012 by Centre for Evidence-based Health Care

Dr Pierre Ongolo-Zogo led a session on ‘Principles of good writing’.  He started with giving us a quick class exercise:  “Imagine you step into a lift and find your country’s President inside.  You have two minutes going from the fifth to the ground floor (it is a slow lift!) to motivate why a specific health problem should be addressed in your country.  What will you say to him/her?”

Below I share mine with you.  I dare all my fellow workshop participants to comment on this blog post and share their ‘dream’ conversation!

“President Zuma, there is no current regulation of nutritional supplements in South Africa.  The draft regulation does not explicitly state nutritional supplements and its health claims, including sport supplements.  The nutritional supplement industry is a multi-million rand industry, even though effectiveness of the health claims is not established for many products.  We need regulation of nutritional supplements to protect consumers from spending hard-earned money on products with health claims that are not evidence-based. This regulation should include using findings from systematic reviews to assess effectiveness of health claims.  My Centre for Evidence-based Health Care would like to help develop this regulation and help drive implementation.”


2 Responses to “2 minutes with your country’s President”

  1. great Anel!

  2. His Excellency, from research findings it is evident that many cancer patients have abandoned conventional forms of therapy because of high costs and have gone for phyto-therapy without knowledge of the adverse side effects that may result. As a solution we are proposing that you can reduce the cost of treatment. This will enable the patients to come for early diagnosis, screening and treatment and help them live full health lives. Thank you.

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